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Sell Your Home

Our Marketing Plan for your Home


First Week:

– Exclusive Listing Agreement with ASAP Real Estate
– Disclosure of Agency Relationships in Real Estate Brokerage
– Seller Property Information Report/Lead Paint Disclosure
– Obtain a copy of your deed, assessment card, and tax bill
– Obtain the room measurements and the floor plan of your house
– Create a “Special Features” list
– Take interior and exterior photos of your property
– Write showing instructions for the agents
– Submit the listing of your property to the Multiple Listing Service
– Submit the exterior and interior photos to the Multiple Listing Service
– Email the listing sheet to you for your approval
– Write the advertising copy
– Order ads: local and regional, Facebook and other sites for
specifically interested buyers
– Place ad on our Web Sites such as LISTHUB, Zillow, Trulia, and up to
200 more and on the company website
– Write and print brochures
– Create window display ads for ASAP office

First Thirty Days:

– Broker Open House
– Report all inquiries on your property to you
– Mailings sent out announcing that your property is for sale
– Mail, email, and Facebook the brochure to all prospective Buyers
– Email brochures to area real estate Brokers
– Qualify all prospective Buyers
– Email showing notices to you
– Report showing comments to you
– Review progress on first thirty days

After First Month (if it even lasts that long on the market, with our
marketing team):

– Continue to email to all prospective Buyers
– Continue all advertising: local and regional
– Call all Realtors who show your property for feedback
– Review our progress with you on a regular basis
– Review all advertising results
– Obtain critique of our service from you
– Review progress with ASAP owner and agents on regular basis
– Update market analysis and review with you
– Review and adjust price if necessary